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What do your jackets protect from?

The jacket protects from: fragmentation, abrasions, cuts, RFID, fire, chemicals, geolocation, the appropriation of your digital data, credit cards, and passport info, as well as the recording and listening of your conversations. In their advanced version (only under custom orders for DOD and Low Enforcement Personal ) our jackets can protect from: EMP, EMI, Microwave Pulses, Stun/Taser guns yet melting metal.

Why a Bomber Jacket?

If you’re a professional and you’re dressing for OPSEC or if you’re simply a firearm owner and you are looking for a comfortable daily jacket, a bomber jacket will never let anyone know you’re carrying so many tools with you and that’s counts. Whether you’re trying to watch someone and not be noticed or trying to not be picked out of a crowd, the point is to not be noticed. Essentially, this is the same thing as your demeanor, which is your biggest ally or your worst enemy if you don't get right.


What's the point of a tactical Bomber jacket?

Security advisors certainly agree that complying with TTPs (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures) of any threat requires staying 100% vigilant at all times. But since being vigilant at all times is impossible (people let their guard down as soon as they are on their way home or hotel), there are certain things that can help keep you prepared and ready. How? Wearing performing, transitional capes that can keep you out of trouble while going to or coming back from your long day at work.


What are the main differences between your three bombers?

Our mission was to design a transitional cape that would fit any use (professional and non-professional). The idea was to let people coming back from or going to work not need to switch jackets. This "transitional" approach then became important, especially when thinking about the weather and seasons. This is why we have created three bomber jackets: GB00, GR00, and GR01, along with the vest version, GV00, to keep you protected from winter to summer.


Are the Bomber jackets meant only for Professionals?

The GB00 model certainly is a professional jacket, but any other model (Kevlar or not) could be used from professionals and non-professionals in many ways throughout the day. The jackets are designed to fit lifestyles, professions, and outdoor activities.

Who can find your Jackets beneficial?

We encourage all law enforcement officials, paramedics, military personnel, security personnel, humanitarian workers, the press, outdoor enthusiasts, firearms owners, heavy-duty workers, motorcycle drivers, and anyone else not listed here to seriously consider the Gattopardo Jacket. A tool perfectly tailored to protect you every day.

Are the jackets made of Kevlar?

Yes, and since we do produce the fabric from yarn and combine it with other solutions that we are in the process of patenting, expect our Kevlar fabric to be the core of all our jackets. Our jackets are made to protect you, but in the event that your jacket is damaged, a second jacket made completely of Kevlar would appear below the front face of the jacket to show you that what you’re wearing is the real deal. The pockets are made from Kevlar and elastic is used for the tactical pockets.

Is Kevlar present only on the front of the jackets?

This is a serious jacket. There is a whole jacket made in Kevlar hiding between the front face and lining.

Do your jackets stop a bullet?

This jacket cannot stop bullets, but it was designed to allow space for your bulletproof vest.

Do your jacket protects from punctures?

Knives would have a hard time penetrating, and the damage would be limited. In fact, the blade would be stopped in case of slash.

Which part of the jacket is made from Kevlar?

Insulation: front, back, arms and pockets.

How heavy are the jackets?

The Gattopardo Tactical Bombers are the first jacket ever made in Kevlar fabric. A size “medium” would be approximately 3 pounds, smaller, and larger sizes would decrease or increase accordingly. After wearing the jacket, you'll feel how perfectly the weight is distributed around your shoulder.

Can I have any of the jackets listed without the protection of Kevlar?

Yes, you can order any of the models without Kevlar insulation.

What's the point of buying a jacket without Kevlar inside?

When owning a jacket that fits so many tools without sagging, it's good enough for you.

How much weight can the jackets hold?

Our jackets can hold over 7 pounds without showing any sign of wear and tear. Our jackets are also designed internally to dissipate the weight of the tools evenly around the shoulders and they don't sag under the weight of them.

Will the Jacket sag after filling the tactical pockets with all my tools?

No, the unique internal design of our jackets prevents the pockets to sagging down.

It will be safe to run with tool inside the jackets?

Absolutely. The double-elastic system and straps in Cordura and Velcro can hold heavy weight without compromise. Our jackets have been field-tested by professionals, and they loved them!

I'm a professional, which jacket do you suggest?

The GB00 model is the jacket for you, but the GR models and the vest would complete the outfit to fit your needs.

I'm a firearm owner, which jacket do you suggest for me?

The GR models and the vest would perfectly fit your needs

I'm a heavy-duty worker, which jacket do you suggest for me?

The GR models and the vest would perfectly fit your needs

How come every model doesn’t have removable pockets?

We have created the GR model as a running jacket so that it is easy to wear and bring into action. While the holsters for every model are always adjustable and removable, the pockets for magazines and handcuffs are positioned in a perfect location suitable for anyone.

Are the tactical pockets removable?

Yes, that feature is offered in the GBOO model.

Are the tactical pockets adjustable?

Yes, for the GB00 model.

How are the tactical pockets are made?

Gattopardo Tactical Pockets are the most complex pockets ever put into the market. They are made of Cordura and double elastic (one is made of Kevlar). Internally, they are made with soft Velcro to allow for easy extraction and protection while on site.

What's special about your Holster?

The Gattopardo Tactical holsters are made from Kevlar and Kevlar elastic. This means durability and allows you to safely put your firearm back into position without risk of getting burned or stained from residue.

Will the holster fit my firearm?

We have a chart to help you choose the holster you need.

I'm left-handed, can I still use the jackets?

Our holsters are produced in 4 models: Large/Left Hand, Large/Right Hand, Regular/Left Hand, Regular/Right Hand and the Jackets have also been designed to allow you to position the holster from both sides. After checking the list of firearms that fit our holsters, all you'll need to do is specify to us the model you need at the moment of the order.

I'm size XL. Do I need an XXL to compensate for the space I need to fit all my tools?

We have taken that into account, so no. We have designed the jacket in a way so that the shoulders and sleeves fit comfortably as you would wear your normal size.

What can the GB00 carry?

2 Firearms ( but you would need an extra holster - one is provided ) 2 Magazines, handcuff, light, tactical multitools, Rfid pocket, Battery Heating System.

What can the GR00 carry?

1 Firearm, 2 Magazines, handcuffs, RFID pocket.

What can the GR01 carry?

1 Firearm, 2 Magazines, handcuffs, RFID pocket.

What the GV01 can carry?

1 Firearm, 2 Magazines, handcuffs, RFID pocket.

What can the BLACK LABEL "Number 00" carry?

1 Firearm, 2 Magazines, handcuffs, RFID pocket.

Do you custom your models?

Yes, we do apply a fee however and require 20 jackets minimum purchase.

Why does the price increase as it goes up in size?

You’re purchasing the Lamborghini of Tactical Wear. A bespoken suit made from a rare material. Consider this: Our Jackets are made with multiple-layer of some of the most expensive fabrics on the market, including Kevlar fabric. Now consider this: the price increases because we make our Kevlar fabric from yarn and combine it with other fabrics with different properties.

Why does the price of the jacket without Kevlar increases as it goes up in size?

As we said, we only use the best fabrics and accessories available on the market. We could have set the same price for all the sizes if we would have chosen lower-quality fabric. But we didn't, so that extra cost means that you are getting a higher-quality product. In short, you’re getting what you paid for.

Is there a bigger discount for a bulk purchase?

Yes, please contact us directly.

Are all of your Jackets heated internally?

The only jacket that comes with a heating system is the GB00, but we can customize other models upon request.

Are the jackets waterproof?

The Gattopardo jackets are largely water resistant.

What is the code on the holographic and fabric label?

It is the jacket’s serial number.

Are Gattopardo's apparel washable or dry-clean only?

All of our apparel and vests are for dry-clean only.

What's the difference between the jackets ending with double 00 and 0?

The double zero means that the jackets are insulated with our Kevlar. One zero means the jackets have no Kevlar inside.

What does the RFID pocket protect you from?

The RFID pocket protects you from geolocation, the appropriation of your digital data, such as credit cards and passport info, and it prevents the recording and listening of your conversation. Once your credit cards, phone, and passports are inside, you will completely disappear from the world.

Why is the RFID pocket completely removable?

So you don’t reveal your location or expose your digital info as soon as you pass your phones, cards, or IDs from your jacket to a bag and vice versa.

What I can storage inside the RFID pocket?

An iPhone X, several Credit Cards, Passports and more.

What happens if I leave the RFID pocket open?

We have designed the pockets in a way that if you accidently leave the pocket open there will be a lower chance of letting a signal get captured, but you would be playing with luck. So if you don't want to break your cover, just make sure to close the pocket.

Can I receive a phone call if my phone is inside the RFID pocket?

No, your phone will be no reachable.

Is your RFID pocket Patented?

We have begun the process to patent a special material already part of the pockets that you will receive. The same is true for the Kevlar.

Are the jackets unisex?

No, you will need to specify which model you need at the moment of purchase.

What's so special about your Black Label Bomber for women?

Gattopardo USA Corp. owns multiple labels. Any of these labels will provide the needs of many professionals and non-professionals, from the workforce to outdoor and luxury life. Whoever will pick the perks relative to this item will be one of the first lucky clients to purchase the VIP line designed from our Co-Founder and Fashion Designer, Michiko Aizawa, at the lowest price point ever. Don't miss this opportunity. It would be a great gift for your girlfriend, wife, or yourself.

What's so special about your Black Label Bomber for woman No. 0

Our Co-Founder and Fashion Designer, Michiko Aizawa, made this bomber personally by hand. This bomber jacket is internally signed and hand numbered.

Are the jackets ready to be shipped?

We can technically say: YES! The jackets have been designed, prototyped, and tested in the field from professional operators while on duty. (Italian Police corps: DIGOS and NOCS, and more) Your jackets will be shipped to you by the promised date, guaranteed!

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we do! Some exceptions may apply.

How much does it cost for shipping?

Shipping costs primarily depend on two factors - the number of the jackets ordered, and the shipping country.

How do I contact your team if I have questions?

You can contact us at

When will my order ship?

Estimated Shipping Date is February 2020

Do you cover VAT?

We have backers from all over the world, and shipping fees vary from country to country. We have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. For this reason, the international shipping cost typically does not cover VATs but only covers the cost of delivery to the address provided.

What is a Para-Aramid fabric ?

A Para-aramid fibers possesses unique combination of high strength, toughness and thermal stability. It can be spun and weaved into different fabric structures including woven, non-woven and knitted, or blended or coated for more of different functions. It is an inherently flame retardant. It does not drip or melt when exposed to open fire, and only begins to char at 400°C. It is also hugely resisting to cuts and fragmentations.( Level 3 in most of our jackets to offer a good balance of comfort/protection ) and We only use the best ParaAramid fiber in the market, We only use Kevlar.

Is Para-Aramid, Kevlar ?

Kevlar is a well know Para-aramid. Kevlar is a registered TM from DuPont. We are currently applying their licensing process to fully display the Brand.


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