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Gattopardo is a high-tech defense apparel and accessories company that blends military-ready protective wear with sophisticated Italian design to offer you smart and durable products that protect while allowing for high performance. These futuristic, ready-to-wear products are developed and designed by an acclaimed team of veterans from the fields of fashion and defense with a mission to create superior products that provide you much-needed protection whether you are in the military, a security professional or just a civilian who wants and deserves to be prepared for threats that may come your way.

When a person's occupation can put them in the line of fire, Gattopardo is perfectly suited for everyday wear. This kevlar-protected apparel ensures that your personal protection is always a top priority. Fire, cut and chemical resistance, among other incredible features, make this product line the perfect choice for your inconspicuous protection.



There was a time when concerns about personal safety and stolen digital data was limited to security professionals, but today's climate and technology brings these threats much closer to home. Unfortunately, since we do live in turbulent times that can require unprecedented readiness, Gattopardo offers physical and technological protection to civilians and those in industries that may inadvertently expose them to harm. The ready-to-wear apparel and accessories' protective features are stylishly camouflaged in comfortable and sophisticated designs that also provide unprecedented preparedness. This advanced style, technology and protection makes you ready to act no matter what life throws your way.




For professionals such as law enforcement or security personnel, as well as military operatives, personal protection is often a matter of life and death - on a daily basis. Any given day can bring deadly threats that range from terrorism and armed robbery, to high-speed chases and gunfights. Understanding these dangers, Gattopardo is committed to developing and designing products that offer you the best and most flexible personal protection on the market, while not compromising your comfort and style.

Gattopardo Professional - require durable and technologically advanced uniforms, accessories and mixed-use apparel that combine style, comfort and technology for defense, law enforcement professionals, private sectors, medical, transport or emergency services industries as any heavy duty worker job 


Gattopardo Civilian - Everyday civilians also face threats ranging from the physical to the technological. Gattopardo’s line of apparel and accessories equip men and women to be prepared to protect themselves and their digital data, while remaining stylish and comfortable.


Gattopardo Tactical - Law enforcement and military users need state-of-the-art accessories, apparel and uniforms that offer the highest levels of protection. From materials selected, to the intricate designs, the Gattopardo product’s priority is to protect and empower.

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