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Gattopardo and the USCCA
The United States Conceal Carry Association.

Thanks to the USCCA, Gattopardo Usa Corp is now offering a self-defense insurance coverage with the purchase of any of its defense apparel or accessory.

When you purchase our Gattopardo Bomber, Running Jacket or Holster you will receive USCCA insurance benefits and coverage*

that include:

*upon online policy purchase

- Coverage of civil suit defense and damages

- Criminal defense protection with up-front attorney retainer

- Up-front bail bonding funding

- Compensation while in civil court

- Personal hardship coverage; as well as

- Psychological support.

All of these benefits are backed by an A-rated American insurance company; and you are backed by Gattopardo’s commitment to designing the most technologically advanced apparel and accessories available. So, no matter your profession – you will always be ready to protect yourself and those you care about. When you purchase your new Gattapardo jacket or holster, all you have to do is sign up using the attached code, and – thanks to this exclusive partnership - you can defend and protect with complete confidence; knowing that doing so won’t cost you everything. By signing up for the USCCA insurance, you are also automatically signed up to win a free Gattoprardo jacket!


Be smart; Be prepared and Be protected, with Gattopardo and the USCC

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